I appreciate the uniqueness of my clients and strongly believe in treating you as an individual.

I honor your particular qualities and challenges and tailor our treatment to meet your needs.

People often seek therapy to get relief from feelings of sadness, anxiety, depression, worry and/or a feeling of being stuck. Psychotherapy is a collaborative process that fosters growth and personal development.    It allows you to better understand your emotional and interpersonal life, improving the quality of your life.  Therapy is a unique opportunity to make sense of your experiences in the work and connect in a meaningful way.

Individual therapy
Individual therapy is geared toward achieving more satisfaction and meaning from your life and your choices.  I provide support and practical feedback to help you resolve current problems and long-standing patterns.  Together, we can develop skills to help you deal more effectively with overwhelming feelings.  We identify your strengths, passions and help you get direction in your life and can help you learn new ways to communicate and connect with others.

Couples Therapy
Couples seek therapy for a range of issues and every couple is different.  Some of the most common issues that bring couples to therapy are a lack of communication, frequent or constant arguments, unfulfilled emotional needs, financial concerns and conflicts around children.  I work with couples to help you recognize and resolve conflicts, improve communication skills, reestablish intimacy and strengthen your relationship and understanding of one another.




"Emily has changed my life. She gave me strength when I was terrified and held up a light for me when I was in the darkest dark. She lead me with understanding and humor and grace. She gave me time and permission to heal.  She helped me to appreciate and believe in and stand up for who I really am. I am a new person now at the beginning of an exciting new chapter in my life and Emily helped me get here. Saying I will be forever grateful isn't saying enough. I  will always consider Emily to be one of the greatest influences upon my life."          -- B.F.